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Episode 1183: Spreading The News

“Car troubles?” Quentin asked, continuing to dry his hands on a towel, finally clean after a long and messy late afternoon job on a decrepit truck. And now he was about to be saddled with someone who had entitlement ingrained into his DNA.

Sebastian probably intended to play the family card and demand instantaneous service even though the guy ignored family until he needed something. Quent’s own attitude towards family compelled him to give people like Sebastian multiple chances in the vague hope that someday his wife’s family would pull it together. With Justine’s younger sister a particular pain of late over the theater business, Quent may be exhausted but he was willing to work overtime for the possibility that his efforts might lead to his wife possibly receiving a kind word from her brother.

“So what are we talking here?” Quent continued. “A flat tire or something potentially more complicated?”

“Definitely more complicated,” Sebastian answered. “It’s not car related, I, well, Avalon’s pregnant. I’m going to be a father and I’m slightly freaked out about it. I know you and I have never been close but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind talking fatherhood with me? I considered going to my own dad… I just, you’re the type of father I’d rather be.”

“Smart choice,” Xavier said, walking through the open doorway. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to overhear, I just needed to check in with the boss. Quent is who I would model myself after, too, if ever I decided to be a dad. Congrats, by the way.”

Xavier nodded to Sebastian and Sebastian nodded back. Xavier schooled his expression, but Quent knew how the guy felt about Ava, the pregnancy news surely gutted him even worse than the marriage had.

“I just came in here to let you know I cleaned everything up,” Xavier said. “The floor is practically sparkling, so it is cool if I cut out of here now?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead, sorry that mess kept you from leaving as early as you asked for, thanks for staying. If you get there late make sure you blame it on the boss. And try to have a good time, okay? This could be the start of something really promising for you, don’t let anything get in the way of it.”

Quent figured he’d conveyed what he’d hoped to without outright saying it in front of Sebastian.

“I’ll do my best,” Xavier said. He didn’t walk out with the skip in his step he’d had earlier but Quent hoped it would return in time to salvage his night.

“I didn’t do that on purpose,” Sebastian was quick to claim after Xavier left. “I didn’t know he was on his way into the office. I didn’t come here to rub it in. You have to believe me.”

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