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Episode 1180: Sisters

“Okay, yes, that’s my job, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m always trying to draw more people into your theater. I’ve devoted a significant amount of time to that very thing,” Justine said, attempting to keep her cool, especially as her boss just walked into her office.

“I need you to do more than try,” Adria replied, with no attempt to keep her cool. “I need you to devote more than a significant amount of time to this. Trying isn’t enough, I need actual success from you.”

“Wow. Dad really missed out on a true business tyrant to follow in his footsteps when you took an interest in the arts instead. Tell you what, Addie, when you’re in a more collaborative mindset, reach out and maybe consider treating me more like a sister than the hired help, okay?”

With that, Justine ended the call and tossed an apologetic look at Michael. “I know that wasn’t entirely professional, I would not have spoken to any other client that way, but my sister and I, we can go several rounds and still come back together, it’s been happening all our lives. This was barely a drop in the bucket compared to some of our blowups. It’ll be fine, I promise. We won’t lose her as a client.”

“Family is messy sometimes,” Michael nodded. “I’ve experienced my share of that in recent months. Should we consider assigning Adria to someone else? If that would make it easier for you personally-”

“It’s fine, truly. Once Ad and I get on the same page we work well together. The theater is thriving she just always expects more. I wouldn’t mind batting around some ideas for her account though, if we could do a group think on it, maybe that’ll help me put together some fresh ideas for Addie, she expects an endless supply of them.”

“I’ll ask everyone to give that a think. Now how about some lunch?”

Justine nodded. “I’m starved.” She removed the packaging from the wrap Michael handed her and took a generous bite. Mouth clear, she said, “this is so good, thank you for treating.”

“We don’t have a lot of time for getting together with friends so I figured why not incorporate it into our work day when we can. And,” Michael paused, setting down her wrap. “Like I mentioned I’ve been dealing with some family messiness, and I could really stand to talk it out, if you’re game. We don’t have to, I just-”

“Family messiness is an area of expertise for me, and you’ve listened to plenty of my stuff,” Justine said, “if I can play sounding board for my boss who also happens to have become a friend, I’m happy to do so.”

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