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Episode 1181: Pursuit Of Happiness

Curran hammered on the door, sick and tired of waiting for his attorneys to do something. There was also the matter of his wife seemingly willing to go along with these visitations as their new normal.

His daughter gave off the impression of being much more grudging about the whole situation. Curran did take some solace in that, still, even if Hope didn’t show any enthusiasm over these visits it didn’t mean the kid wouldn’t eventually warm to this guy and that wasn’t a turn of events Curran could abide by.

The door opened. “I’m headed out for a jog,” Paul announced in lieu of a greeting. Clad in a hooded sweatshirt and basketball shorts, he appeared to be telling the truth. “I don’t have time for whatever this is.”

Paul proceeded forward, joining Curran on the front stoop, locking the door.

“You can jog anytime,” Curran pointed out as Paul pocketed his house keys, clearly intent on running off at any moment.

“I planned to jog now and I’m not changing that plan. Any time I’ve tired to talk to you it’s led to threats. Feel free to send those through my lawyer from now on.”

Curran couldn’t believe it. This guy had just had the nerve to dismiss him? Seriously? Curran was the one in the position of power, not only by virtue of his status and wealth, but by his role as Hope’s father. He never had and never would give his daughter up, not like this joker.

This joker who was running off as though nothing Curran had to say was relevant to him. As if Paul could do whatever he pleased and win, just decide now to be a father and it would magically happen for him, he could just take another man’s child away.

Curran watched Paul fade away into the distance down the street. It looked like a retreat. But Curran viewed it as a declaration of war.

Meanwhile, Paul tried to concentrate on the rhythmic footfalls of his sneakers smacking the sidewalk. It was tough but he’d promised his lawyer he wouldn’t engage. He didn’t want to do anything to potentially jeopardize his case if it came to an actual custodial fight. More than that, he didn’t want to make any more missteps in his daughter’s eyes, sparring verbally or otherwise with Curran would be exactly that. He needed to sit back and let Curran be the one who hit self-destruct on his relationship with their mutual kid.

Episode 1182: One More Time

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