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Episode 1179: Fragile

“Thank you, but it’s really not necessary for you to take every bit of weight out of my arms every time you see me carry something, especially since you’re still technically recovering.” Ava tried to grab back the small stack of hardcover books from her husband but Sebastian dodged her reach.

“Working out is the best way to maintain my recovery so there’s no harm in me getting in a little extra lifting here and there,” Sebastian said. “You on the other hand, well, I mean, I know carrying a few books shouldn’t cause you any harm. I just, well, could you humor my paranoia here? I know you’re not that fragile but I’d feel better if you and the baby took as few chances as possible.”

He grimaced. “Am I being too much? I’m being too much, aren’t I? Suffocating, overprotective, controlling-”

“And caring,” Ava added. She took the books from his hands and temporarily placed them on the edge of a nearby shelf. Turning back to Sebastian, she slid her arms around him and nestled her head against his chest, giving him a good squeeze.

“You’re being the human equivalent of bubble wrap,” she said. “But I get it and under the circumstances I don’t entirely mind it.”

Avalon leaned back a bit, enough to look up into his eyes as she said,” this is our first baby on the way, it’s exciting but scary, too, so I understand if sometimes you go overboard with precautions, sometimes I feel that way, too. But, if I need you to back off, I’m going to say so and you need to respect that. This is new for both of us so we’re probably going to have our rocky moments, for the most part though, I think it’s going to be a good new thing for us, I really do.”

“It’s going to be the best,” Sebastian said. “I can’t believe we got here, can you?”

“It feels like most of the drama is behind us, or at least that’s what I’d like to think.” Sebastian’s father had backed off, so maybe he finally believed that she wasn’t having an affair and that the baby belonged to his son and the blackmail needed to stop. Bas wasn’t exhibiting signs of jealousy or suspicion anymore either, which was another relief. So overall she wasn’t experiencing the same level of stress these days as she had been which could only be good for the baby. These days it truly did feel like they were going to make their marriage and their family work out.

“How about I do the right thing and give you some breathing room?” Sebastian offered. “You mentioned buying some groceries after work later, I could go tackle your list right now since at the moment I’m mostly underfoot here.”

With Sebastian gone, Avalon took that stack of books, carrying them to the fantasy section at the other side of the store. A slow morning for customers and a reliable employee ready to ring up any orders that trickled in, allowed Ava to take her time setting up a display for the new epic Icelandic series she hoped to turn into a word of mouth sensation. She worked on making the already gorgeous books as eye-catching as possible with the display, that is, she worked on it until interrupted by a tap on her shoulder.

Episode 1180: Sisters

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