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Episode 116: Can't Cry Anymore

"Donít worry this isnít toxic, my mother-in-law made it," Justine announced, placing a frozen batch of chili in front of Ava. "Listen, I donít want you to get the wrong idea, Iím not here to plead anybodyís case, I just thought, I kind of know what itís like to be alone. I know itís not the same situation, but-"

"Thank you." Avalon said, barely looking away from her task of opening a roll of quarters and dropping them in the cash drawer.

"I guess he hasnít been by, huh? Heís kind of disappeared- no, thatís not your problem, I came by to let you know that, you know like I told you before my social calendar isnít exactly spilling over so anytime you want to talk, just give me a call or swing by, okay?"

"Av, Iím out of here then, Iíll be back as soon as I-" Bowie, said, rushing over nearly out of breath and fumbling with a green tie.

Avalon looked directly at Justine. "What do you mean he disappeared?"

"Oh, donít worry or anything," The blonde said and reached out to Bowie, grabbing his tie to fix it. "He used to do this all the time, I mean before he met you, you know how he was in Europe well he just left the day he was supposed to start University without telling any- there you go, perfectly straight, Iím Justine, by the way,"

Bowie politely shook her hand, he knew exactly who she was. "Why donít you let me show you out Justine, since Iím on my way to get shot down by yet another bank anyway... Fingers crossed Av, if I canít come up with enough money to keep things even with Gable; I donít know that thereís much point in buying this place."

"Curran Gable?" Justine asked, making one last adjustment to the tie. "Exactly how much money do you need?"

Episode 117: I Will... But

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