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Episode 117: I Will... But

Avalon had not yet ascended the final step before the door magically sprung open. There was Mrs. Marques, ushering her inside like some Ď50s sitcom queen on speed would have.

"I wish Iíd known you were coming Iíd have had Mia whip up some of her apple pie, she told me you were quite partial to that," Katherine took Ava by the hand and had her sit directly beside her on the sofa. "So youíre really making out all right?"

"Iím okay, I mean, Iím back at the market and um, a friendís father is going to help me sell my house, so I can maybe move into an apartment, I donít need the space..."

"Can I help you find a place, maybe? I have the best agency-"

"Thatís really not necessary, but, I would, I mean the reason Iím here is that I was wondering if my old position is still available."

"Oh, of course it is," Katherine put her hand on Avaís arm, all the girl could think was that Sebastian might come in any minute and she didnít want anything there, holding her back, from fleeing. "Phillip and I want you to know that anything you think you owe us is wiped out, you just concentrate on your future, and young lady, I know how you are, thatís an order, we wonít take a penny from you. But you will still work with me wonít you?"

Avalon tried to move her arm away in the subtlest manner possible. "I do need this job, now I wonít have to get a roommate; I just really want to thank you for everything you tried to do for my mother and I."

"This will mean an awful lot to Sebastian, he-"

"Look, I know Iím not really in a position to put conditions on things, but I would really appreciate it if you didnít go out of your way to let him know when Iím here."

Episode 118: Independent Woman

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