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Episode 114: Mudkicker

"The world does not revolve around Sebastian; heís not a baby, if heís skipping school thatís his responsibility," Katherine groused, while rolling pantyhose up her leg.

"Iíll have a talk with him anyway, he is still young, and he needs a nudge now and then." Phillip said fussing with his hair in front of the mirror.

"Or a good swift kick," his wife added, under her breath. She didnít know that he heard.

He fiddled with his briefcase the lock had been sticking lately. "Has Sebastian done something that Iím unaware of or are you just in a mood?"

"A mood I guess," she answered solemnly.

Phillip sat down beside her at the end of the bed, he almost placed his hand at the small of her back but hesitated and lost as she stood up to go to the closet. "Has that girl, um, Avalon, has she returned yet? Maybe youíre overworked; you should hire a new assistant or borrow one of mine for the time being,"

"She hasnít come back and I donít know if sheís coming back, but Iím not filling the position." Katherine was on her hands and knees rummaging through the closet for who knows what. "Phillip, I feel like I killed that girlís mother."

Her husband was silent, and then she heard the click of his briefcase closing. "You know that Iíve never liked any of this experimenting I donít think itís right, save it for cosmetics."

A red Todís loafer came flying in his direction. "Thanks Phillip, thanks so much."

Episode 115: With Arms Wide Open

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