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Episode 1139: Anywhere For You

Sebastian thanked his driver before waving her off. It had been a long road for him to get back there. It wasn’t the physical pain or seemingly endless sweat equity required for his recovery that flashed through his mind on that sidewalk. What stopped him in his tracks was the image that had him so emotionally distraught that he’d tried to cross the street without paying attention to traffic, the image of his wife cozied up on the floor with the guy who had bought her the bookstore, the guy who she would have married.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and tried to wipe the slate clean, fill it with happier thoughts like what a great summer this could be with his body on the mend, without him being so confined to the house or physical therapy sessions, the sky was the limit on getting out in the world with Ava and making a whole bunch of good memories with her to replace the rockier ones in their marriage.

“Young man, excuse me, I don’t mean to be nosy though my Harold will tell you that’s my specialty,” an elderly woman said. “I’m Doris, by the by and I couldn’t help noticing you struggling over here. As an old lady who’s endured more than a few stints of hampered mobility when I spotted you a bit ago I said to myself I know that pained expression, he’s wondering how to open that door and maneuver your way through it without it becoming a debacle and you landing on your backside or something. But then there’s option B which is someone who has been there, taking care of the door for you and not making a ta-do of it so you can just get on with your day.”

Doris proceeded to open the door and with only a moment’s difficulty lining things up Sebastian made his way into the bookstore for the first time since that fateful day.

An inability at first to entirely shake that jarring image of Ava and Xavier, to shake the niggling fear that this impromptu visit might again lead to his heart breaking, it had him entirely missing the changes to the exterior of the building and needing a moment for it to occur to him that the interior wasn’t right yet either.

“It’s like I’m in the wrong place.”

Avalon had told him that his father had come through for her to get the store back to it’s old self. Why had she lied to him about that?

“Isn’t it awful?” Doris said. “The owner tells me she’s doing everything she can to turn it back to normal but it’s obvious to me that may cost a pretty penny which she probably doesn’t have, small businesses never do, I’ve seen that on TV, and even if she does have some money, there’s plenty of time that will go into it as well so us customers will just have to be patient I suppose. I told her she has my loyalty no matter what, I hope you feel the same, young man.”

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