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Episode 1140: Tell Me

“You’re on your feet!” Avalon’s reaction was everything Bas had hoped it would be when she stepped out of the storage room and saw him standing there in the book store with a walker rather than seated in a wheelchair.

The smile that swept across her face. The joy sparkling in her eyes. The short stack of paperbacks that fell from her hands. The way she hurried over to embrace him, bubbling with delight. “This is so fantastic! Why didn’t you tell me/”

“I can see that this is a personal moment, I won’t intrude a second longer than necessary, lovvies,” Doris said. I am so pleased to see such happiness on your face Avalon, it’s been too long. I knew there was a reason I had such a good feeling about this young man outside. And I knew I’d seen him somewhere before, it turns out it was here with you. I’m glad you have someone in your corner Avalon making you happy while you sort through the mess they’ve made of your store. Speaking of which, I don’t mean to trouble you in the middle of your moment here, but have you by any chance restored the cozy mysteries section yet? I do pride myself on reading widely but the cozies are certainly among my favorites for summer reading.”

“That’s why I made it a priority Doris to get a whole bunch of them back on our shelves where they belong,” Ava replied.

“Bless you.” Doris squeezed Ava’s hand. “An angel on earth this one is, wouldn’t you agree?” Doris looked to Sebastian and he nodded though when you’ve recently learned someone lied to your face it was challenging to view them as angelic.

This feeling was at all what he’d wanted from surprising her with his ability to walk. When you find out someone lied to you about something it was nearly impossible not to wonder if they were lying about anything else.

“You’ll find the cozies in the back right hand corner, that’s just a temporary location for now. I’m afraid the selection isn’t as wide ranging yet as it used to be and I haven’t been able to dress it up with any fun displays, that’s still to come once I designate an actual section for those books but for now I’m hopeful you’ll find something for your front porch reading.”

Doris thanked Ava and went on her way to the back corner.

Ava turned her smile on Sebastian and playfully punched his shoulder. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you’d made enough progress to get around out of the chair.”

Far less happily or playfully, he replied, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me the store was still like this. In fact, you lied and told me my father put everything back to normal.”

Episode 1141: Fun Fun Fun

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