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Episode 1128: How Dare You Love

“When someone is your friend, it’s natural to be concerned for them,” Xavier said, sounding far more sure-footed in the confrontation than Ava felt. “Though I could see how you’re confused about that, Mr. Marques, with the way you operate. I don’t imagine you have much experience with friends or at least not with keeping them.”

“Xavier,” Ava said.

“I’m really to believe you’re just here out of friendship?” Phillip asked with a raised eyebrow. “What exactly is going on here Avalon? Does Sebastian know about this clandestine meeting with your ex-fiance?”

“It’s not clandestine and I’m not even meeting with him, he just showed up, I didn’t plan to see him at all,” Ava said. She touched Xavier’s arm then immediately took her hand away lest the gesture be misconstrued. “It’s okay. You can go. Thank you for your concern but I really can handle this on my own.”

Xavier frowned but nodded. “When I heard Avalon would be here meeting with you about the mess you made of her store, I thought she might want some backup to deal with someone so overbearing, so I stopped by but like Ava said, she didn’t ask me to come here. And there’s nothing clandestine about it. Just wanting to be there for a friend when she’s going toe to toe with the playground bully.”

“That’s the biggest load of nonsense I’ve heard in quite some time. No wonder my son always suspected your intentions with his wife if that’s the kind of cover story you came up with to justify spending time with Ava.”

“It’s truly not a cover story,” Ava tried.

“The store isn’t a mess,” Phillip Marques pointed out. “It’s thriving, a fact I intend to illustrate in detail at the meeting because I am in fact not the bully my daughter-in-law needs protecting from. That’s just an excuse this guy is using to try to get close to a married woman. The lowest of low behavior at the best of times but lowest still when the man whose wife you’re trying to steal is currently attempting to physically and emotional recover form being hit by a car. Tell me do you also steal candy from babies?”

Episode 1129: Shattered

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