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Episode 1129: Shattered

Phillip tried to push down his anger. Handling this indelicately, sending Ava running into Xavier’s arms would not help Sebastian’s interests.

Fury coursed through Phillip when he thought of his son all those months in the hospital. When he thought of his son now, all the sweat, the pain, the effort he was putting in to get up on his feet. When Phillip thought about all the times through the years when this woman had shattered Sebastian in one way or another.

While he had never battled insecurity like Sebastian did, Phillip was no stranger to the dagger sharp hurt of betrayal from someone you loved. That someone had done that and continued to do that to his boy, it made his blood boil.

He shut the door behind them after they’d entered his office. He paced from one side of the room to the other.

Everything was coming together in his mind now. What had happened to his son. Who was responsible. The trail had gone cold after the accident almost as soon as Phillip had started following it. He thought when his son woke with no memory of the accident that it would forever remain a mystery. But now he knew. Or at least he knew enough.

“This affair ends now,” Phillip said to a look of bafflement on his daughter-in-law’s face.

Tougher than he gave her credit for, the bafflement quickly morphed into fire. “I’m not having an affair and I never have.”

If he didn’t know better he may have believed her, she was that convincing in her declaration of innocence. “I hope my son is fooled by that, I sincerely do, but if your intention is to continue to sneak around behind Sebastian’s back, know that I will not let my son be played for a fool any further. You will not hurt my son any more than you already have.”

“Of course I won’t because I love him and I’m not having an affair.” Tears welled in her eyes. “I’m not even friends with Xavier anymore. I cut him out of my life. He showed up here of his own accord, because we were friends. But I repeat, we are not even that anymore. As soon as I realized that even our friendship was too much for Sebastian I put an end to it, I swear. Whatever you think you know, it’s wrong, and if it gets back to Sebastian, if you tell him this suspicion of yours that isn’t true, you will hurt him far worse than I ever have.”

Episode 1130: Nothing At All

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