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Episode 1127: Back Up

It had taken some time but Ava put Xavier’s phone call out of her head as she strode along the sunny sidewalk toward the Marques skyscraper, focused on her meeting with her father-in-law.

She aimed to convince Phillip that it was on him financially and otherwise to undo the changes he’d made to the bookstore. She felt like she had a rock solid case since he’d just bulldozed ahead without consulting the actual owner of the store.

But Phillip Marques was a bottom-line kind of guy, even more so than his daughter, and if Justine didn’t see anything wrong with what they’d done, what were the odds that Phillip would either?

Ava very much doubted the apology she sought and Mr. Marques putting the store back the way he’d found it would be hard to come by, if not impossible.

She’d right the situation on her own if she had to it would take time and more money than Ava wanted to think about but the store, the way it had been, it had mattered to her loyal customers and she wasn’t going to let it be something she’d never envisioned.

If only she could come up with an argument that would sway Mr. Marques to admit he’d done the wrong thing and offer to rectify all of it. So preoccupied was Ava with that thought that when Xavier suddenly stood up from the bench just outside of Marques enterprises, he caught her completely by surprise.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you like that,” he said. “I was just hoping I hadn’t already missed you going into the lion’s den and now here you are. Phillip Marques is no joke. You should have back up when you’re dealing with someone that manipulative.”

Ava shook her head at his insanity. “I realize this is a completely well-meaning offer but obviously you just hurried over here without thinking it through at all. Mr. Marques is my father-in-law, how do you imagine it’s going to play if I show up for this meeting with my ex-fiance in two?”

“I know but I felt like I needed to do something. Like I said, I feel like I should have kept an eye on the store, I should have done something to stop this, so-”

“Why would you see anything involving my daughter-in-law and she and my son’s store as your concern?” Phillip Marques asked having just stepped from his sleek black car straight into their conversation.

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