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Episode 1123: Misunderstood

“We need to talk,” Avalon announced the moment she hung up her coat.

Sebastian’s mouth went dry. The ache in his chest became even more pronounced. Ava had been out of the house more frequently the last couple of weeks, this day by far her longest absence. The waiting had nearly driven him up the wall though in all honesty he’d rather be there than here, needing to talk.

Wasn’t there only one thing she could sound that ominous about? Their marriage. Her desire to end it.

“I don’t want to have to tell you this,” Ava said, hugging her sides. “You’re dealing with so much already, but I can’t go on keeping this a secret.”

Sebastian nodded. So this was it then. Finally admitting she’d only stuck by him out of guilt. It was one of those situations where you it coming and still there was no being ready for it. No feeling strong enough for it.

Recovering from being hit by a car wasn’t anything compared to having to recover from losing the woman he loved would be. He had his doubts that he’d ever recover.

“It’s about the store,” Ava said. “I need to go back to work.”

“What?” Sebastian almost feel out of his wheelchair at her revelation. “The store? That’s what we need to talk about? That’s all?”

“Trust me, it’s more than enough to discuss. The store is a total mess. I wanted to fix it without you ever finding out, without you blaming yourself for what happened. I’ve been by your side all these months because that’s where I want to be, my neglecting the store is not on you. It’s not your fault, it’s your father and your sister’s fault for overstepping.”

“I thought this was something serious,” Bas said with the most effortless grin he’d worn in some time. “It’s just the store.”

“Well I’m glad you don’t seem to be blaming yourself,” Ava said, “but it might be nice if you would take this seriously. The store is important to me.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I just, I thought you were going to… say something else and I’m just relieved it wasn’t that.”

His wife nodded, clearly understanding.

“So tell me about the store,” he said. “There’s supposedly no one better at business than my dad, how could the store be in trouble?”

“Technically, it’s not,” she replied. “Technically, it’s more financially sound than ever. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need saving.”

Episode 1124: By Your Side

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