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Episode 1124: By Your Side

Justine stabbed her fork into the piece of black forest cake, the tines chiming loudly against the plate.

“Did that cake cut you off in traffic or something?” Quentin asked in a lame attempt to infuse some humor into the situation since his wife’s frame of mind could clearly use some lightening up. “Do you want to talk about it? What’s going on? Was it a bad day at work? A run-in with your parents or sister? I would have asked earlier but I figured if you wanted to vent in front of the kids you would have instead of silently fuming your way through dinner.”

With the kids tucked away in Hero’s room with cake and a jigsaw puzzle Quent figured it was time to venture into the abyss and maybe see if he could be of any help to his wife. “Talk to me, Just.”

“I know you want me to feel better but you won’t be of any help on this. You’ll side with her and that’s the last thing I need to hear right now.”

“You know Xavier has become one of my best friends, I’m not cutting him out of our lives to appease your brother who rarely wants anything to do with us. Why would I side with Adria on this?”

“We agree that Adria couldn’t be more wrong, I know,” Justine said. “It’s Ava you’ll side with, I just know you’ll see things her way. You’ll think I did something here and like I said that’s the last thing I want to hear right now. So I’d rather not tell you what happened.”

“I’m not siding with Ava over whatever it is. This is clearly upsetting to you so it’s upsetting to me. Ranting and raving in your head instead of out loud is no way to work through something.”

“Fine. You want to know? I let my dad transform Ava’s cozy little bookshop into a soulless retail space that only just barely still sells books. The profit margins are substantially better which you’d think people with medical bills would appreciate but no I’m a big bad villain for destroying Ava’s sweet little shop around the corner vibes. And are you seriously going to sit there with your love of mom and pop shops and expect me to buy that you aren’t as disappointed in me as Ava is? Like I said, you wouldn’t side with me on this.”

Episode 1125: Should've Known Better

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