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Episode 1120: Locomotive

He should have been glad for the alone time. His physical therapy sessions were a lot, even more when his mother showed up and tried to take over. It was exhausting in all kinds of ways. You’d think he’d appreciate some quiet after all that. He had appreciated it for the first little while until he’d noticed the clock and realized Avalon had been gone for an awfully long time.

She’d told him her plans, the various errands she’d intended to catch up on. He supposed there could have been an excessively lengthy line at the post office. Maybe she’d special ordered something from the bakery or the deli at the grocery store and had to wait for it to be ready. There was always traffic, too. Any number of things could have delayed her.

He wheeled into the kitchen and grabbed a couple cookies from the jar on the table. Chewy chocolate chip. His favorite. Baked by his wife’s own two hands. One of the million things she’d done for him lately, the million ways she’d shown that she cared about him, she loved him.

There was no reason for the anxiety growing in his gut. She was running late, that’s all. Stuck in traffic. Stuck waiting in line at the store. Maybe she’d remembered a couple more errands she should run while she was out. Maybe she’d decided to treat herself to a matinee or lunch or just any of the other myriad ways she deserved to unwind when for so long now her life had revolved around him.

Whatever he’d walked in on at the store last summer, that was behind them. She’d shown no sign of her heart being elsewhere, there had been no mention of Xavier, or times she’d left the house long enough to secretly meet up with him. Until today.

He didn’t even know if Xavier was still in town. He hadn’t asked anyone. He hadn’t wanted to know. But Lila would probably know. Or his sister Justine. A test and he’d know if it were possible…

And what good would that do him? Send him careening down another track of suspicion that may hurt their relationship more than just trusting Ava would? Still he reached for his cell phone on the kitchen table. That was when Ava walked in.

“Sorry, I’m later than I thought I’d be. I decided to check in at the bookstore.”

Relief shot through him. “Oh right, of course, that makes sense. So what’s the verdict? Did my dad and sister keep it going okay without you?”

“Um, yeah. It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Then why did her expression read like someone who wasn’t telling the truth? Had she really stopped in at the bookstore?

Episode 1121: Is It Love?

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