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Episode 112: I Want It Back

"She’s ready to forgive him already, I can tell," Bowie complained as Craig Kilborn’s theme song introduced him. "He’ll just say the right thing at the right minute and she’ll forgive him, she’s just like lost her mind."

"Agh, I am so tired of everybody walking around like they’re Dr. Laura or whoever, I just want to hear jokes and laugh, if you can’t dig that Bowie then you shouldn’t come over here," Lila replied and then rethought. "Look if Sebastian is going to make her happy for half a second that would kind of be a miracle in Ava land wouldn’t it, so just let him. I can’t even believe I’m saying any of this but he’s not that bad you know, he’s just, he’s sort of like me, there are times when we’re just dumb as posts,"

"I guess." He relented and leaned against a cushion farther away from her.

"You’re just going to be no fun at all tonight are you? Now I remember why I’ve broken up with you like twelve times, you can be so broody," Lila said switching off the television.

"Hey I think you were on the dumpee side of things a few times there," he smiled. "You don’t want me to run down the list here do you? Cause, I mean I have it detailed and itemized, right up here," Bowie laughed pointing to his head.

"So I had a baby with another guy, sue me," she cracked and they both laughed. "That was weird, huh, who would have ever thought we’d find that topic of conversation funny. Not that I’m rooting for them or anything and not that I want to hear anymore of your whining, but if we can get here so can Bas and Ava, I’ve screwed up way more than he has and here we are."

Bowie took a lock of her curled red hair between her fingers. "Yeah and here we are; here’s hoping Ava’s a bigger man than I am."

Episode 113: It Don't Hurt

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