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Episode 113: It Don't Hurt

"Were you expecting anybody at three-thirty in the morning?" Bowie asked, crankiness tingeing his voice as he slipped a t-shirt over his head.

Lila turned over in bed, her eyes barely open. "Oh, yes, that must be the Swedish hockey team that I got from the mail-order catalogue, sorry I forgot to tell you,"

"Ha-ha...ow," he cried out stubbing his toe at the door. "This better be important."

When Bowie had finally stumbled all the way to the front entrance he found Sebastian just barely standing up. "You smell like a winery, thereís a kid living here, you know,"

Sebastian waved him off, or rather pushed him off and landed on a nearby armchair. "Iím very quiet, like that guy hunting wabbits... whereís Lila," he asked his voice rising.

"Iím the one in the middle," she said suddenly standing right in front of him in her robe. "Bo, I can take care of this, go check on Jess for me will you? Now... since when did you get so pathetic, this- I expect of a lovesick Bowie, but never ever the late great-"

"Iím not like him- I just wanted to have fun, I almost forgot what with Avalon being all stuck up and everything but you know how..." he said inching his fingers towards the tie on her robe.

"Hey, donít," Lila ordered, willing herself to back away, she was learning, at least a little. "Iím trying to be good you know Iím really trying at this and, if youíd stop being all grabby for half a second, I might tell you something."

"Oh what? You and Opie are getting hitched?" Bas said sarcastically staring up at a mark on the ceiling. "Or youíre pregnant again and Opieís still not the father."

"Youíre lucky youíre drunk, listen, Op- Bowie told me that he thinks your princess might be in some kind of forgiving mood."

Episode 114: Mudkicker

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