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Episode 111: Numb

She was back at work, looking better than she had in weeks which wasnít saying a lot. Bowie thought she seemed anemic, she was kind of pale and gaunt which he figured must be symptoms for something and that was the word that came to mind.

Avalon was standing at her register pulling her silky dark hair back into a tight ponytail. Her mind was wandering, to surprisingly no place in particular. It was as though after days and days of tears sheíd finally hit a plateau, her self was in revolt. It wouldnít allow her specifics, no mother, no boyfriend, nothing.

"Maybe you should do this gradually, you know, a couple hours here and there when you feel up to it," he suggested to her when he came by to fill the candy bar racks and she was staring off into space. "Another day or two is not going to matter; itís not like Iíd ever fire you, course if I canít figure a way to buy this place I might be fired."

"Iím just getting on with life Bowie thatís what youíve all been telling me to do. No matter how long I sit at home staring at that stack of bills theyíre not going away, in another couple days Iím going to see Dr. Marques and see about getting my other job back." She said this in such a steady matter of fact manner that she could have passed for a machine.

"Lay off on that idea for awhile Av," Bowie was checking off an order sheet and sort of half looked up, before tossing it down and giving his friend his full attention. "Look, when I saw him he was coming up with all these crazy excuses- who the hell knows whatís true, even if it is, I mean, he hasnít even tried to see you since."

"I know that Bowie, and I have no intention of seeing him again," Avalon spit out the words efficiently and smoothly, as she weighed a bag of tomatoes for Sarette Jordan. She scanned some milk and various other items like she had nothing but the job on her mind.

"$11.75, please," Ava announced quite remotely, tapping her fingers on the counter waiting for Mrs. Jordan to finish counting out her change.

Sarette shot Bowie a concerned look before collecting her bags and exiting. "I donít want to be some kind of nag here Ava, but you havenít exactly been immune to him in the past. Listen, I can talk to Lila, she can ask around; thatís a big office building sheís in, thereís probably openings all the time, or you know you could get a roommate. Just start thinking again, all right?"

Episode 112: I Want It Back

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