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Episode 1103: He Loves You

“This is wrong. I’m being a coward,” Ava said after Dr. Marques walked out of the hospital room. “It’s my fault he’s in that bed. His family should know that so they can kick me out of here if that’s how they see fit.”

“Is that what you want? An excuse to not be here?” Cal asked the question gently but Ava still felt its pointedness.

“Absolutely not. I want to be here. I need to be here. I love him and I want him to understand that the second he wakes up. I want him to see me by his side.”

“Then stop berating yourself for not telling his parents the full story. Time and again they have disowned their own children. I don’t foresee them showing you compassion or listening to your side of it, they generally want nothing more than someone to blame.”

“I am to blame,” Ava said. “Maybe I deserve to be banished. Maybe I deserve Sebastian waking up without me, thinking I’m horrible and-”

“Sebastian is to blame for his own problems,” her father insisted. “His jealousy and insecurity landed him in this bed. You never cheated on him. You did nothing wrong other than choosing the wrong friend and then choosing to lean on that wrong friend in that moment. But it’s Sebastian’s own self-sabotage that got him here, instead of talking to you when he saw you with Xavier, instead of gleaning the actual truth he just ran away. You didn’t push him in the path of that car, his own nature did, a nature I believe you asked him to get help with.”

“I know it’s in part on him, but it’s in part on me, too,” Ava replied. “I know he has these insecurities about our relationship and I shouldn’t have invited Xavier back into my life even if I did and do think Xavier needs people, some kind of family in his life. I should have put my husband first, I should have respected how hard that would be for Sebastian.”

“You’ll talk with him about that. You’ll make this okay,” her father said.

“Can I make it okay?” Tears filled her eyes. “He was so upset that he walked into traffic. What if he’s so upset that I can’t convince him that nothing was going on between Xavier and I.”

“There is no one he’ll be happier to see when he wakes up. Think about the way he looks at you. If he has the option of remaining your husband, remaining your choice, there’s no way he doesn’t take it.”

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