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Episode 1104: From A Distance

Tansy greeted her father with a hug.

“How were things at the store?” he asked.

“Okay, well sort of, I guess. Grandpa came in and basically took over and since someone has to keep it going especially with the holiday shopping coming, he’s one of the best options to have it in tip-top financial shape until they can come back and take care of it themselves.”

“Ava’s going to be thrilled about him taking over,” Xavier said as he walked the rest of the way into Quentin’s office, closing the door behind him. “Maybe I should-”

“Don’t go anywhere near the store or Ava,” Tansy snapped in her panic to prevent a disaster, the last thing they needed was Xavier charging into her grandpa’s path.

“Xavier’s her friend, Tans, he’s trying to look out for her, that’s all, it wasn’t what your uncle thought. I thought you understood that,” her dad said.

“I didn’t mean to sound like I think you’re guilty of anything, it’s just my grandpa’s totally looking to take his grief out on somebody and I don’t want you to be that somebody. I don’t want my grandpa to figure out that you were there. He won’t see you as innocent like we do.”

“My kid makes a good point, man,” Quentin chimed in. “We believe in you. We believe it wasn’t your intention to cause a problem in their marriage but now that there is a problem, for everyone’s good including your own you should keep your distance from the situation. We’ll let you know how Ava is and Sebastian, too, but otherwise backing away is the smart move for you before Phillip Marques comes at you with something even worse than that expose.”

“I realize that’s a strong possibility,” Xavier replied, “but better he comes at me than at Ava.”

“Grandpa won’t have either of you to blame as long as you stay off his radar, then it won’t occur to him to put two and two together,” Tansy explained. “He knows a guy was at the store that day but I convinced him that you were just a random customer. You’re in the clear right now.”

“I may as well just step in and be there for her now, look out for her and the store, it’s gonna come out when Bas wakes up anyway.”

“Maybe not,” Quentin said. “He already got burned when his mother inserted herself into the situation and tried to pay you off. He may think twice about reaching out to either of his parents about Ava. And most guys wouldn’t shout it to the rooftops that their spouse cheated so its entirely possible Ava will get the chance to set things straight and no one will connect the dots that you were there when it happened.”

Tansy nodded her agreement. “As long as you stay away from Ava it could be okay. It should be okay, your life won’t get blown up by my grandparents and I won’t have to hate them for it.”

“I don’t want to invite trouble, I really don’t,” Xavier said. “But when I think about how much stress Ava is already under, waiting at the hospital for hours on end wondering when or if he’ll wake up, his mom breathing down her neck… How can I just step back and not try to stop Marques from turning her bookstore into something corporate, into something she’d never want it to be? How can I help her from a distance?”

Episode 1105: Impossible

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