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Episode Eleven: Eat The Rich

"Isn’t that wild? All you ever hear about is Phillip Marques, Mr. Money. I had no idea his wife was a doctor, and she’s even been in some of those places with the wars," Lila was gushing, the same way she had when she’d met Axl Rose on her thirteenth birthday. Bowie couldn‘t stand it back then either.

"Wow Lila, you don’t say, and they wear pants too, remarkable--damn," Bowie cursed at himself for knocking over the macaroni pyramid he’d spent an hour working on.

"Served you right for snapping like that, you must have the worst karma on earth," Lila said and continued flipping through magazines for a daughter in-law of a doctor outfit.

Avalon felt like pins were being stuck in her sleepless brain. The endless bickering was insane. Lila would pull the rug out just when Bowie would want it back.

"Could we stop this now?" Ava urged, her head hidden in her hands.

"What’s wrong Princess? Did Sebastian finally wise up?" Lila snarled.

Bowie laughed menacingly. "Let me give you away at the wedding Ava, I want Lila to see me in the society pages with-"

"Stop it," Ava pleaded, head still buried. "Leave me out of this, I never wanted his royal Gatsbiness. I don’t like people like him, people like him-"

"People like him, what?"

Ava slowly raised her eyes like a kid who had gone to the cookie jar at exactly the wrong time. She was embarrassed. "You shouldn’t sneak up on people."

"You shouldn’t talk behind people’s backs;" Sebastian’s silver eyes were blazing, daring her. "So, why do you hate me?"

Avalon stared unflinchingly, "I don’t hate you; I can’t hate something that isn’t real."

Episode Tweleve: You Better Run

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