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Episode 1099: If You Leave

“Ava, hello!” Sebastian’s mother rose from her bedside chair the moment Avalon walked into the hospital room. There was a marked difference in Katherine’s demeanor, her seeming warmth towards Ava was far more pronounced now compared to the chill Katherine had exhibited in the emergency department and waiting room.

“Has there been a change?” Avalon eyed Sebastian in the hospital bed, to her he appeared no different, so still. But she wasn’t a doctor. “Is there progress?”

“No, I’m afraid not, but there haven’t been any setbacks and there could be, so all things considered as Phillip rightfully pointed out as possibilities go it could be worse.”

“Okay, well, that’s kind of good then,” Ava said. “I just, when you seemed so much happier to see me I thought maybe there was even better news than his condition being stable.”

“I’m sorry I raised your hopes prematurely, but I promise you we will see progress sooner rather than later.”

Ava nodded her agreement though Katherine must have seen right through to her concerns and doubts.

“His condition will improve,” Dr. Marques insisted. “I’m monitoring him in addition to his team here at the hospital, though I would ask that you not spread the word that I’m doing so given the archaic rules around here. I’ve also got several other irons in the fire with the best of the best around the world. I have Sebastian’s care covered from every angle so no matter how grave he may look in that bed right now, it is not forever. I guarantee he will recover as long as he has all the support he needs. While you may not be a medical professional and I may have been rude to you about that initially, I want to be clear that you are one of the most valued members of his recovery team. Are we clear on that? I expect you to be here for him every step of the way. No matter how challenging that becomes, you can’t let that defeat you. If you’re defeated, he’ll be defeated. Is that understood?”

Ava wasn’t sure. If she did understand Katherine correctly, she didn’t like the implication. “Are you suggesting that I might walk out on my husband/”

“I’m suggesting that you don’t do that. I’m asking you to keep in mind that no matter how difficult this is for you, it’s much more so for Sebastian. You mean the world to him. You are a reason, the reason, for Sebastian to fight for his recovery. That is how much you mean to him. Please.” Katherine grabbed Ava’s hand, gripped it tight to the point of pain. “Please don’t take away his reason to fight.”

Avalon pulled her hand free and took a deep breath. Katherine must have somehow found out why Sebastian had been so distracted when he’d tried to cross the street. Ava had come here hoping to explain in some way that wouldn’t set more fires but instead maybe help her put them out to some degree if only his family would listen and hear her, stop and let her talk as he hadn’t. But now she couldn’t even start from her own side of the story, not when Katherine already had her on the back foot, when Katherine had preconceived notions of what had happened.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Ava asserted, “a terrible misunderstanding. I have no intention of leaving Sebastian for Xavier.”

Katherine narrowed her eyes. “I wasn’t even thinking of Xavier. Where did this come from? Why would you bring this up? Was it a possibility at some point? Is it still a possibility?”

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