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Episode 1100: Resue Me

Cal walked in catching just enough of the conversation to realize Katherine Marques verged on blowing up at his daughter. It seemed he’d arrived just in time to stop Ava from a confession that would only cause more difficulty for her. Sebastian’s parents were vindictive types and willingly placing yourself on their bad side was a mistake Cal would not let his daughter make.

“Isn’t that what your family has been all but accusing my daughter of doing all along?” Cal threw back at Katherine while Ava stood there clearly conflicted, there was definitely some initial dismay that he’d show up when she’d requested to do this on her own, but he saw relief in her eyes, too.

“Isn’t this absurd idea that Avalon would throw away her marriage to run off with the man who skipped town on their wedding day, isn’t that why you and your son thought you needed to pay Xavier to go away? That blatant lack of trust in my daughter. So of course Ava would jump to the conclusion that you’d assume she would leave her marriage for Xavier when times get tough.”

Calvin had arrived too late to know the entirety of the conversation but he took his best guess at how he might bail Avalon out of this situation while at the same time putting Katherine Marques on the defensive.

“Of course Ava would feel that she had to outright state that she isn’t leaving Sebastian for Xavier when her husband and in-laws have put so little faith in her loyalty. As if this stuff, all the mistrust and disrespect hadn’t led her to do exactly what you and your son don’t want her to do. I certainly wouldn’t blame her at this point. Ava, maybe we should leave the hospital for now and-”

“No, please stay,” Katherine said, suddenly appearing flustered. It was a nice look on someone who had been unnecessarily harsh on his daughter over the last twenty-four hours. “And again, on Sebastian’s behalf, it needs to said that he really did have nothing to do with my trying to help Xavier better his future. That was all me.”

Katherine grimaced. “Just as it’s all on me for casting doubt on you today. I am worried about my son, Ava and his for you and yours for him, well, I’m of the belief that matters to his recovery and clearly I haven’t expressed your value in this situation in the most appreciative way instead it seems like I’m questioning your character… I am a doctor but in this case I’m also the patient’s mother who is worried and I responded to that worry like a bit of a mama bear. I hope you can forgive me for what you feel like I implied about your devotion to my son.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Ava said. “I’m the one-”

Cal squeezed her daughter’s hand to stop her from putting herself in front of another bullet when he’d just helped her dodge this one.

Episode 1101: Who Are You?

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