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Episode 1098: Taking Care Of Business

Katherine checked over her son again. Technically she wasn’t supposed to do any such thing which was utterly ridiculous considering her son couldn’t have a better doctor than her but the hospital was intent on its rules.

Whenever she had the opportunity, in absence of any hospital staff in Sebastian’s room, Katherine did her own examination of his condition to know for certain how he was fairing. Which was not fantastic.

Katherine took a seat again at Sebastian’s bedside, sighing.

“And?” her husband asked from where he paced on the other side of the room.

“No change.”

“I suppose then as possibilities go, it could be worse.”

“Yes. Obviously,” she snapped.

Katherine took out her phone. She knew she wouldn’t have any responses yet but checked anyway. She’d contacted several experts, wanting to get started on a recovery plan. She wanted everything set in place, formulate a rigorous schedule to have Sebastian not only on the mend but ultimately as good as new.

Until Katherine was able to work on that, work on something productive, she knew this edgy feeling inside her would not go away.

“Is his wife ever coming back?” She asked. Katherine knew the vitriol she felt towards Avalon was irrational and unfair. Accidents happen. Her son’s condition was not Avalon’s fault. It was just that when you trusted that your child would be safe, no matter their age, and then they weren’t, it was a challenge to not be angry with the world.

“You were the chief proponent of her going home to rest,” Phillip pointed out.

“I know. I’m just… I’ve witnessed a lot of these long haul situations, Phillip. Not everyone is up for it. Some partners walk away. So I know I told Ava to leave but at the same time the longer she stays away… I hate to think what losing her would do to Sebastian’s recovery.”

“Avalon may not be everything I’d want in a wife for Sebastian but she’s not the type to turn her back on a loved one in crisis. That’s not who she is.”

“I hope you’re right, you probably are,” Katherine said. “It’s just one worry leads to twelve others at the moment. I much prefer being a doctor to… this.”

He nodded. “This is not a comfort zone for me either, far from it. Will you be alright here for a little while on your own before Justine and Adria return? Would you mind if I go take care of some business?”

“Business,” Katherine echoed with all due bitterness. She was running off to bury herself in work as much as she may want that escape.

“Not that kind of business, I have valued employees on top of that kind of business for the time being,” Phillip said. “I want to go talk to the driver, see if I can get some answers as to how this happened. After that I thought I’d stop by the bookstore. You’re doing what you do,” he gestured at the hospital bed, “I thought I might contribute what I do. Since Avalon has always refused any financial help I don’t suppose now it is going to be any different and they are going to need the income from their store more than ever. So I’ll stop in to make sure things are running smoothly in Ava’s absence.”

Episode 1099: If You Leave

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