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Episode 1075: How It's Done

“It’s a delicate matter,” Katherine said, beginning to lose patience with Lila. She understood that Lila had a vested interest but she was being altogether too pushy and demanding.

“You think I don’t know that it’s a delicate matter?” Lila hugged her sides and paced back and forth through Katherine’s sitting room. “My son is in college, that’s still really young, he doesn’t know who he is yet or what direction he’s going in. The last thing he needs is the confusion of a second father, not to mention an influence like Xavier. I get how delicate it is, believe me, which is why I’m sick of waiting for your stupid plan to work.”

“You’re the one who could have been more discerning as a teenager rather than have sex with the first strung out musician who crossed your path. Your problem isn’t my doing, it’s yours,” Katherine snapped and regretted it almost immediately.

“Fine,” Lila snapped right back. “It’s my problem so I’ll solve it. I don’t know why I keep making the same mistake with your family and expecting different results. Clearly if I want the job to actually get done I need to do it myself. Thanks for nothing!”

Lila began to storm out but Katherine rose and reached Lila in time to stop her from walking out.

With a gentle hand on Lila’s arm, Katherine said, “I’m sorry. I genuinely apologize for that outburst. We all make mistakes and at least yours had the happy outcome of delivering you a son you love with all your heart. I suppose that’s the very same reason I just lashed out at you. I’m every bit as stressed about this situation as you are. I, too, have a son who I love with all my heart. And I know Sebastian is one of your closest friends, too, I know you care about him. I know you don’t want to run off with your temper flaring and make things worse for him.”

“Sending Xavier packing will make things better for Sebastian.”

“Not if Sebastian is blamed for it. He’s already been blamed for my attempt to make Xavier go away,” Katherine said. “Ava is apparently very upset with him and so in turn he is very upset with me, so much so that he wouldn’t even entertain any of my thoughts on how we might clear his name. His marriage is in serious trouble. Like I said, it’s a delicate matter. As is your situation. So maybe it’s best for all concerned if everyone just takes a step back and-”

“Sebastian isn’t going to be blamed for whatever I do to send Xavier out of town,” Lila insisted.

“You’re certain of that? What exactly is your plan?”

Lila’s lips bunched for a good long while. “I… I don’t exactly know yet. But whatever it is, it’ll be blameless and effective and neither Sebastian nor I will have anything more to worry about.”

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