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Episode 1076: Hope It's Something Good

“Yes, the flowers are on order, the florist is extremely reliable, I’ve never had an issue with her. I’m still working on booking the band but it looks promising, I wouldn’t give it another moment’s worry,” Lila said and tossed her phone to the passenger seat after leaving the voicemail for the frenzied mom adamant that her daughter’s engagement party go off without a hitch.

Lila had done a ton of research and planning as she did with every event, there was no reason for the woman to be this anxious. Lila on the other hand was riddled with anxiety and had every reason to feel that way.

The night before they’d managed to have their first full-on family dinner in a long time. With she and Bowie running their own businesses and the boys both busy with school and activities it was difficult to coordinate their schedules to gather everyone together at the same time.

It had been a perfect night. They’d eaten homemade spaghetti and garlic rolls with fresh salad and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It had practically been like something out of a fifties sitcom.

Especially when Jesse asked Bowie if he might want a partner in the landscaping business once Jesse finished with school. Jesse had apparently put a lot of thought into it, he had charts and graphs which his younger brother had eagerly helped craft, and plenty of ideas for where father and son might take the business in the future. He’d laid out how the business degree he’d decided to work towards would be an asset while at the same time noting that he’d rather not just be on the business side, he wanted to still be hands on, hands in the earth like his recent summers.

Jesse didn’t love the idea of being cooped up in an office and that’s where it occurred to him that working alongside his father might be just the career option for him. He suggested a hybrid position for himself at Bowie’s company, doing some of the stuff a guy in a suit would but also being outdoors on a daily basis.

Jesse’s pitch had sounded rehearsed and nervous like he feared his dad might shoot down the suggestion. It clearly meant the world to him. And it clearly meant the world to Bowie, too. He’d been thrilled with the idea, beaming that his son wanted to work with him.

Lila desperately wanted this to happen for their family. Jesse considered this the ideal future for his livelihood and while Bowie never mentioned biology, Lila sensed it meant that much more to Bowie that Jesse knew they weren’t biologically connected yet had still chosen him.

Lila deposited her phone into her bag and emerged out of the car. The garage and a confrontation with Xavier were mere steps away. She was going to make sure father and son got their happy ever after with no interlopers. She just didn’t quite know what she would say yet.

Episode 1077: I Should Be Laughing

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