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Episode 1069: I Think He Knows

“So,” Adria said with her gaze glued to the script that she’d revised several times already. “Maybe if we try it again but this time shuffle the order of the scenes? Like maybe… No. No, I, we’re going to stop here for the night. Thank you everyone.”

The theater erupted in a level of applause you’d expect from having an actual audience there, not just the cast and crew.

Adria looked up from the script to the sight of high fives and people exiting the stage with big smile on their faces.

“Popular choice,” the theater’s financial manager, Javier said as he approached her.

Adria nodded. “It doesn’t hurt to actually give them a moment to rest every now and then especially on a night designated for loved ones. But to be honest this decision was way more about me.”

“I have that workaholic gene, too. It’s a hard habit to curtail.”

Adria nodded again. “I needed to curtail it at least for tonight, for Valentine’s Day. We should be with the people we love tonight. I should be with my husband, something I’ve been failing miserably at lately.

She was determined to figure out a better balance, she thought it had been working out well the two of them juggling career, marriage, and parenting, and maybe it had gone well to some extent but there was always better. That was the only lesson she wanted to take from her father, that you could always work harder and do better. The thing was, unlike her father, she didn’t think that theory solely applied to your career, it was even more important to work hard and do better in your personal life.

“Ryley’s really proud of you,” Javier pointed out. “He’s my friend and I know the person he is and I know how much he loves you. He knows what this place means to you and he would never expect you to give this up. That’s how a good partnership works. My husband knew I wasn’t happy at my old job and he supported my move here even though I’m not making as much money.”

“And you aren’t even that much happier here,” Adria joked.

“It’s growing on me.” He lightly bumped arms with her. “What I’m trying to say is, however that idiot colleague of your husband’s made you feel, I don’t for one minute believe that’s how Ryley really feels. So don’t kick yourself around too much. Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day and you did the right thing, you called it a day here. You’re going home to your family, that is the right thing. I see you with Ryley and I see you with your daughter, your priorities are just fine. If they weren’t I’d call you out on your behavior because I have your back. That’s what friends do. That isn’t what our spouse’s work rival is entitled to do, she didn’t spout any of her nonsense from a caring or knowledgeable place, you need to erase that dinner from you mind.”

Adria briefly embraced Javier, it was crazy that she now considered Javier one of her best friends after such a rocky start.

“Thanks,” she said. “I am trying to tune her voice out and just concentrate on my own which honestly sometimes is echoing what she said. Knowing work is only intermittently happy for Ryley right now, I just want to be better about making time for him. Like I told you about his work situation, my dad claims it wasn’t intentional, I’m not really sure I believe him but he did sort of offer to fix it. But of course, Ryley being the person he is, he isn’t cool with Damita being fired or reassigned without actual cause, which I mean, he’s right, but it means Ryley is stuck with her until who knows when. I guess a legit promotion or a legit reason for a termination is the only light at the end of the tunnel so in the meantime with work garbage, I just want to be mindful that his married life isn’t garbage, too, which is more than a little challenging when I’m in the middle of trying to launch an original production.”

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