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Episode 1070: Bay Guy

“Sebastian,” Katherine said, looking up from the mound of paperwork on her desk. “What a nice surprise. Here I thought there wouldn’t be any love for me this Valentine’s season.”

“Gee, what would make you think a thing like that, you and Dad, you’re both just so lovable,” Sebastian noted with a scowl. Katherine closed her eyes for a moment, giving herself time to adjust her expectations of this surprise visit.

For a few seconds she’d thought her son had popped by to thank her for getting rid of his biggest headache. But Katherine could plainly see that for whatever reason Sebastian intended to add to her own headaches on the day.

“I was just referring to how busy your father and I always are, how often the Valentine season seems to just pass us by without our noticing. I wasn’t actually suggesting that I’m unworthy of love. No, that’s just my son who would say something like that. Nice boy that he is.”

“It’s definitely not just me who feels that way,” Sebastian borderline snarled as he thumped into the chair opposite Katherine’s desk.

“Sebastian, you’re being rude. Do you plan on telling me why? The last time you were this angry with me it was because of my relationship with Curran Gable. I can assure you if you suspect something similar now, it’s simply not the case. Anytime I’m away from your father right now is strictly career related. So if that eases your mind, I do really need to get back to work or your father will be asleep by the time I get home.”

“Nothing will ease my mind until you convince my wife that I had nothing to do with that check you wrote.”

“What check?” Katherine thought it was worth a try to feign innocence.

“I need to be more specific,” Sebastian snarled. “Who are you? Dad? You have that many people you’re writing to bribe people to go away? Let me narrow it down for you then. You tried to bribe Xavier but instead but instead of leaving he squealed to Ava who now can barely look me in the eye let alone get back to trying to start a family. So thanks Mom for all this help I didn’t ask for. Thanks a lot.”

Katherine took another moment to reset. She figured the best approach was calm, after all, she’d done nothing wrong. “I genuinely believed I could help. I’m sorry it hasn’t quite worked out that way.”

“More than quite. It hasn’t worked out at all. It’s made a mess of my marriage. You’ve helped Xavier not me.”

“What does that mean? Are you saying Ava has left you for that low life? If she’s that easily swayed maybe it’s for the best if-”

“Anything other than Ava being my wife isn’t for the best. But no, she hasn’t left. Not yet. Maybe she won’t if you convince her of the truth that I had nothing to do with that payoff. I don’t know how you’re going to pull off that miracle though, I just know I’ll never forgive you until you fix this.”

“I was trying to help,” Katherine reiterated. Then an idea sparked. “Who’s to say Xavier didn’t set this all up? What if he stole a check form me or reinvented the reason I gave it to him? What if we cast him as the bad guy that he is?”

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