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Episode 1046: Fire Escape

“This was a good idea,” Justine admitted. Propped up on her elbows on the beach blanket, she watched her kids, Tansy and Hero, having fun in the water, Tansy looking out for her little brother but at the same time giving him to spread his wings. They looked and sounded content and relaxed. “I’m sorry I was such a bear about taking this trip.”

Quent leaned over and pressed a kiss to her bare shoulder. “Of course it was a good idea to take a break from your dad, you needed it. Tansy does, too.”

“Tansy, yeah, me, I’m not so sure,” Justine said. “What if he sets something in motion while I’m gone?”

Quentin frowned, mostly at himself. He shouldn’t have mentioned her father. He should have realized it would throw a wrench in Justine’s positive mood. “What would he set in motion while you’re gone?” Maybe if Justine thought it over, she’d actually talk herself down.

“I don’t know what he might set in motion. Something. He must be up to something. I just haven’t figured it out yet. It isn’t like him to just let someone live their life.”

Quentin didn’t want to be the literal devil’s advocate, but he also didn’t want his wife spiraling over something that this once might be nothing.

“Tansy has worked for him for a long time now, and there hasn’t been a single incident that’s given us cause to believe he’s having a bad influence on her or pushing her about her personal life. She’s the same as she ever was, her own smart person who isn’t about to let anyone manipulate her. So maybe, just for now, just for one week, it’s safe to stop obsessing over what your dad might do.”

Justine actually kept a list on her phone of possible conniving schemes Phillip Marques might do in the name of helping their daughter. Item by item Justine investigated each possibility, so far, fortunately, coming up empty. Although in a way, for Justine, it was unfortunate, coming up empty meant she’d keep obsessively searching for some sign of deception.

“Maybe, since you have actually caught your dad doing wrong by Tansy, you should give yourself this week and put him out of your mind, focus on what a great beach vacation we’re having with the kids and how lucky you are to celebrate another anniversary with the ever so handsome guy you married.”

His teasing grin was met with one of Justine’s own. “Or it that you’re the lucky one to be married to your ever so beautiful wife?” Justine asked.

“That does sound a little more right.” He laughed and she did, too. They broke out lunch and called to their kids and not another word was said about her father. For now.

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