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Episode 1041: Complicated

“This is perfect,” Molly said. Ice clinked inside her lemonade glass as she gestured at their palatial surroundings. “Too bad you didn’t cross over to the dark side sooner. Pool access in the summers back when I didn’t have to spend practically every day at a lousy job would have been the best.”

Tansy frowned. She wondered if it had been a bad idea to invite over Molly. She’d had some rough times with her cousin Molly but she’d thought they’d gotten to a place where Molly wouldn’t say awful stuff to her anymore, she’d thought they were officially friends. It had been a long time since they’d hung out though, so maybe as Lucy would say, Molly had regressed into old behaviors.

“I haven’t crossed over to the dark side, my grandparents aren’t the dark side, that’s not a nice thing to say.” Tansy folded her arms across her royal blue bikini top.

“I was just kidding around like you used to do, remember?” Molly said. She slipped off her sandals and took Tansy by the hand, leading her to the edge of the pool. Molly sat, dangling her feet in the water, gesturing for Tansy to join her which Tansy reluctantly did.

“I’m sorry.” Molly nudged Tansy’s shoulder with her own. “I honestly meant no offense. It’s just how you used to talk about your grandparents, you did say you’d never cross over to the dark side with them. I’ve definitely heard your mom and dad talk about them like they’re the enemy.”

Tansy’s mouth twisted. She bumped Molly’s shoulder in return. “Sorry, you’re right. I shouldn’t have gotten offended over something I’ve said myself a whole bunch of times. I still think it sometimes, too. But then my grandpa will say or do something and it’s like well, that’s way different from the person who disowned my mom for marrying my dad.”

Molly nodded. “People are crazy complicated. It would be so much easier if they weren’t, you could just drop all the good people in one pile and all the bad people in another pile. I guess sometimes its good that it’s not that simple or you would have dropped me in the bad pile a long time ago without realizing that I’m not entirely terrible.”

“Same with my grandpa,” Tansy said. “he’s done awful stuff, really awful stuff to people I love and I hate him for that. But my grandpa, he isn’t just that bad stuff. More and more I feel like maybe I can at least trust him to treat me right even if he doesn’t treat everyone else right.”

Episode 1042: Pride

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