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Episode 1042: Pride

“Sorry, I’m late, I just wanted to make sure Tansy had everything she needed at the pool before I left,” Phillip Marques announced before taking a seat opposite his daughter at a table outside the bistro where they’d agreed to meet.

He was by no means a fool. He understood that his daughter hadn’t made him a regular participant in her recent social calendar because she actually wanted to spend time with him. She wanted to monitor him, make sure he wasn’t breaking any of her rules regarding his granddaughter.

But just because Justine brought one agenda to the table it didn’t preclude Phillip from bringing his own agenda.

An attentive waiter immediately took their orders. Justine chose the pasta salad and Phillip chose the chicken salad, the exact items they’d favored back when they’d frequented the bistro together for business lunches.

“It’s like old times,” Phillip noted with a smile as the waiter walked away.

Justine responded with a frown. She folded her arms. “I’m not your puppet anymore.”

Phillip scoffed. “As if you’ve ever been anyone’s puppet. I taught you better than that.”

“I dated the guys you approved. Every move I made at the company was at your behest. Even in school, the clubs I went out for, student government, study groups, basically every minute of my life back then was planned and dictated by you.”

“And look at how successful you are now.”

“Not because of you, my career is about my hard work.”

“A work ethic instilled in you by your parents. I wasn’t a completely bad influence on you, Justine. All those things I encouraged you to take interest in at school, all the skills you learned then and in those business meetings, when I armed you with the hows and the whys of how to handle any deal. Yes, it’s all your success, that’s your doing, you are intelligent and tenacious enough to know not to disregard what you were taught just because of who taught it to you. I am proud that I provided you with the tools to succeed. I’m proud of what you’ve achieved with your PR firm. You’ve done fantastic work for your sister’s theater, and then there’s that restaurant chain, they were dead in the water until you came along. Well done. Really. Well done.”

Phillip saw it. It may have lasted for little more than a flicker but he saw that it still meant something to his daughter, that he took pride in her achievements.

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