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Episode 1040: You've Got A Friend

Her grandfather opened the french doors and walked out to the pool deck, pulling on his suit jacket as he went.

“Looks like you picked a good day to use the pool,” he said. “It’s beautiful out here, so sunny and warm. I’m almost tempted to play hooky and dive in but my schedule is much too busy today. Maybe you, your grandmother, and I can all coordinate a family evening out here sometime, I’ll have the chef prepare barbecue for us. But today is about you having fun with people your own age.”

Tansy shrugged. She knew she should respond with enthusiasm, most people would love private school access on a day like this one, but they’d probably have a whole list of people to share it. She’d thought about Xavier and Lucy since she considered them friends even though Lucy had been her counselor, but they were adults which wasn’t really what her grandpa had in mind when he’d suggesting inviting friends over. Plus, her grandpa had been responsible for that expose article on Xavier so…

“Didn’t you mention last night that your cousin might enjoy the pool? Did you invite her?”

“Yeah, I hadn’t talked to her in awhile so I wasn’t sure but she seemed excited when I texted her. She’ll be here soon.”

“You really don’t have to limit this to just one person,” her grandpa said. “I trust that you’re responsible enough not to turn this into a rager or whatever kids call it these days.” He gestured to the pitcher on the patio table. “There’s more lemonade and plenty of sandwiches and snacks, whatever you want, there’s enough for you to have a few more guests.”

It’s like he didn’t hear her. She’d told him her situation. That she wasn’t exactly popular. It wasn’t like it was fun talking about a thing like that and he kept making her say it again and again.

“I did ask if Hero wanted to come,” Tansy noted for lack of anyone else to mention but she regretted saying it the moment her grandfather’s eyes lit up. “Mom said no, I’m sorry. He’s still pretty little and pools can be dangerous.”

Hero was actually a good swimmer, her mom didn’t want Hero around Grandpa which Tansy supposed Grandpa did know.

He nodded. “Well, babysitting wouldn’t have been fun for you anyway. You have your hands full enough with Walter.”

“He’s pretty chill so far today,” Tansy said with a laugh as they watched Walter napping on an air mistress slowly drifting around the pool.

“You should take a video of him and send it to your friend, Enid. She’d probably get a kick out of seeing Walt in vacation mode. Better still, invite her over to see him in person.”

Seriously, he just didn’t seem to get that her friend meter was on zero. Tansy supposed he expected more from anyone related to him, that’s what mom always said, that he demanded too much and didn’t listen. “Enid’s busy, I’m sure. She.. She has this other friend now. Maybe, maybe a girl… friend. I don’t know.”

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