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Episode 1039: Cruel Summer

“So tell me what’s going on with you,” Phillip suggested as he snapped a bread stick in two. “Other than working and volunteering so much I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself these long summer days. You’re welcome to use the pool at the house anytime you want. When I was your age you couldn’t get me out of the water on a hot day.”

“It’s hard to picture that,” Tansy said. “Do they make swimsuits that come with a tie and jacket?”

Phillip chuckled. He was pleased to see Tansy muster a smile, too. She was clearly in the dumps over something but at least it wasn’t to the point of unreachable gloom.

“I was better about taking time off back then and believe it or not,” he said, “I did not wear a suit all the time, shorts actually were part of my wardrobe. As an adult I haven’t been very good at work life balance since starting my company.”

“It takes work and dedication to be productive,” Tansy replied as she offered a piece of bread to Walter who happily gobbled it down.

“True,” Phillip agreed. “But I hope that doesn’t mean work and volunteering are all you’re doing with your summer and that’s why you didn’t answer my earlier question.”

She said nothing to that, merely took another bite of bread stick.

“You know I love having you here,” he told her, “and I respect that you have responsibilities at both shelters, but I’ve come to realize that even a little break like this is helpful for recharging, to be even more energized and clearheaded for the work ahead. I tend to have to remind myself to take these timeouts in my day, perhaps you need to do the same. It’s even more important at your age, when you’re meant to be having fun. Maybe you should make a list of summer activities and fit a few into your schedule each week. Please don’t think I’m sticking my nose in where it doesn’t belong by saying this, but you seem a little… down today. Perhaps you’re overdoing it with everything and you just need to give yourself a break, some time to relax and not dwell on the world’s problems for a few minutes, you see a lot at those shelters, I’m sure, and well, I realize the business world doesn’t always show the best of humanity either. So just set all of those things aside for an hour or two every once in awhile, self-care, isn’t that what your generation calls it? You could start by bringing a friend over to use the pool tomorrow.”

“No, it’s okay, I have stuff to do.” Tansy ran her hand over Walter’s furry head. “I don’t know who I’d ask anyway. My friend situation has been iffy for awhile now.”

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