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Episode 1036: No One Else Comes Close

“I think we should support him,” Bowie said. It had taken what felt like a thousand hours to push out the words to say anything on the subject even though he worked alongside his son everyday. He still hadn’t actually said it to Jesse, but Lila was the right one to start with anyway, they needed to agree on this before going to their son with it. He needed to convince her that this was the right thing to do.

“Huh?” Lila asked, prying her gaze from her tablet where she’d been putting together ideas for a sweet sixteen party.

He turned his head on his pillow to face her. “I was saying I think we should support Jesse. If he really wants to meet his donor, maybe we should make that happen.”

Lila slammed her tablet so hard on the bedside table it would be something of a miracle if the screen didn’t crack. She turned to him, eyes wide. “What is wrong with everyone? Is there a mass body snatching going on that I don’t know about? Everyone thinks everything’s going to magically work out. Sebastian thinks Xavier will go away without being pushed. And you, apparently out of nowhere you think we should do the opposite of make Xavier go away. Unbelievable.”

Lila took the pillow from behind her head, mushed it against her mouth and from the muffled sound of it, screamed. Bowie nodded. He’d known that even trying to discuss this with his wife would be a challenge. It was a challenge for him, too. Even now he wasn’t entirely sure of which side of the argument to be on. There was a reason day s had passed since Jesse had expressed interest in meeting his donor and Bowie had said nothing. He was still waffling even now that he’d spoken up.

Lila lifted her head from the pillow, her face now as red as her hair. “Please, be on my side.”

“I don’t want Jesse to be hurt, that’s the same side as you’re on. Maybe it’s wrong that he doesn’t know Xavier, maybe it’s hurting him to not know that his father is the one who saved-”

“You’re the one who’s always been there for him. You’re his father. Xavier is such a bad idea, can’t you see that? He has a history of terrible choices, do you want that spreading to Jesse? Or do you want Jesse to continue to listen to the influence of the father he actually deserves? Tell me I don’t have to worry about you blabbing, I have enough potential traitors on my hands.”

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