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Episode 1037: Go Slow

Tansy walked into the break room and did something of a stutter step when she saw Enid in there zipping up her backpack. It wasn’t that Tansy didn’t want to be around Enid, she in fact longed for her company, but she just still wasn’t sure of what to do with their relationship so keeping their interactions to a minimum had kind of become Tansy’s go to game plan. For now. Just until she had things sorted in her head and heart.

Maybe she should have had it all figured out by now, but didn’t everyone, her mom, her dad, Lucy, and Xavier, even Grandpa lately, they all kept saying you have to do things at the pace that’s right for you. They weren’t always talking about her feelings for Enid, at least she was sure her Grandpa wasn’t always talking about that or ever talking about it, but still, not rushing was strong advice for everything, wasn’t it?

If you need time you should be allowed to take it.

“So,” Enid asked, sliding one backpack strap up over her shoulder. “Shift’s over, are you headed home for dinner or it’s summer though so maybe you’re doing something fun or different?”

“My grandpa has conference calls with Japan so I’m going to look after Walter while he’s busy tonight.”

“Oh, I-”

“But I mean, it’s not like a total hang session or anything, I can’t invite you since as soon as Walter’s settled I’m doing this online course about philanthropy in business.” She’d only just that minute decided to take the course, she’d been on the fence about adding one more thing to her plate, but now that it gave her another good excuse to keep some distance between her and Enid, it-

“You misunderstood,” Enid said. “I wasn’t inviting myself to hang out with you and Walter. I’m sure walking with you guys would be fun but I wouldn’t invite myself, you’d have to ask and you weren’t doing that obviously which is okay. I do have other plans. When you cut me off I was just going to tell you that I’m spending time with one of the rescues, too. Remember Daphne? The spaniel? Her new owner, Theresa, she asked me if I wanted to come over, see Daphne’s set up, have pizza and watch rom-coms, so yeah, that’s what I’m doing, so it’s okay that you didn’t invite me.”

Episode 1038: Fix You

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