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Episode 1021: Track Record

“What about Tansy?” Justine stopped walking even as she told herself not to, that this was undoubtedly some new manipulation her father had cooked up, for what purpose, she didn’t know, but he always did have a purpose, didn’t he?

“Let me guess,” Tansy said. “This is a work performance review for my daughter. Tansy has potential but will only live up to it if we leave behind my dead-weight husband. Am I right? Well I can agree with you on the potential but I happen to think my girl flourishes with her dad in her life. You see some fathers are good influences, so thanks but no thanks for the lousy advice.”

Justine set forward once more. “Justine, this is not a performance review or a campaign against Quentin. What we need to discuss has nothing to do with either of those things.”

“I’m not listening to anything disparaging about Tansy. She has a good heart, she cares about people, that comes first for her before profit margins. She is a very different person from you and that is not a bad thing.”

“I have no intention of disparaging her. I just think it’s vital that you should know… Could we please go somewhere quieter than a street corner to discuss this? It’s important.”

“What are you up to?” Justine stopped in her tracks again. “What are you plotting? Just spit it out. Tell me the truth of what’s going on here, of what your grand plan is for Tansy so I can put a stop to it. Tell me right now.”

“I don’t want to do this where anyone can overhear,” he said. “But I also can’t be on my own with this any longer, you’re the person who most needs to know what’s going on so maybe together we can fix this for her, convince her to talk to the right people so that this struggle with her sexuality doesn’t get out of hand.”

“Excuse me?” Justine asked, stunned by his words and teetering on the edge of slugging her father.

Episode 1022: A Matter Of Trust

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