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Episode 1022: A Matter Of Trust

“Addie, I’m so sorry I had to change the time on the meeting last minute like that. I promise I wouldn’t have done it if I’d had a choice. I do value your account and you. I’m so sorry to mess up your schedule.”

“No, no, it’s okay,” Adria said. “We’re dark tonight so this afternoon isn’t as harried as it might be on a show night. My girl and I actually used that time I would have been with you this morning to play hooky in the park and now she’s with her dad so it all worked out on my end. But you,” Adria handed her sister a cup of tea. “Are you okay? The way you sounded on the phone kind of worried me and don’t take this the wrong way, you don’t look well, it’s like you’re drained.”

“I’m fine,” Justine said. “Just eager to go through this proposal with you so you aren’t further delayed. I hate that personal stuff has gotten in the way, it’s so unprofessional. It won’t be like that going forward, I won’t take advantage of the fact that you’re my sister.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you did. Sit, please, Just.”

They settled on the sofa and when Justine moved to pull the proposal from her bag, Adria stopped her.

“Work can wait. Javi and I always battle forever over budgets anyway, another slight delay will barely be noticed compared to how much we delay it with our impasses. Let’s talk now instead. Tell me your personal stuff maybe I can help. I know we’re not the closest sisters, but I’d like to try being closer, especially when you’re clearly struggling with something.”

“It’s not entirely my truth to tell,” Justine said.

“I’m not a gossip,” Adria said, “and neither is Riley and he’s as far as anything you tell me will go.”

Justine took a sip of tea. “Tansy has been, I don’t how to put it, figuring out her sexuality, I guess. She hasn’t really been ready to address it, so on trusted advice we’ve been giving her time and space to get there. But now Dad has somehow found out about it, and I’m freaking out that Tans is about to lose the time and space she needs, that he’ll confront her head on when she isn’t prepared.”

“He’s not suggesting conversion therapy is he? We will not let that happen, I have Tansy’s back, so will Riley, and I’m sure Bassie, too,” Addie said.

Justine squeezed Adria’s hand. “Dad claims that isn’t his agenda, that he’s going to be supportive, but have you ever known him to be open-minded? Plus he’s also got this thing about making everything better immediately which isn’t necessarily Tansy’s timetable. So I don’t know. I don’t really trust him? Would you?”

Episode 1023: Do What You Want

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