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Episode 102: Foolish Games

"Is my lunch here yet?" Michael demanded storming out of her office in stocking feet.

Lila had to literally bite her tongue at the tone of voice that her boss just threw at her. "It came; I donít know, a couple of seconds ago, I was right about to bring it-"

"Fine, try to make it prompt next time." Mrs. Gable snapped lugging the food back to her desk. In moments, Lila was buzzed in. "Listen Iím sorry about that Iím just stressed- have you eaten yet? Clear my conscience, Iíve got plenty of extras,"

Lilaís mouth bubbled with joy. "Gee, I donít know thereís a peanut butter and jelly waiting on me in the fridge-"

"In that case you definitely have to stay," Michael handed her secretary a container of pasta. "You wouldnít believe the number of times I end up having peanut butter and jelly for dinner at ten or so. Curran and I just canít seem to get our schedules to meld all that often- how about you and your boyfriend, Bowie right? Currís really excited about helping him out."

"Bowie is not my boyfriend," Lila said shoveling in a forkful; it was a habit born of not eating particularly healthy half the time. "I mean he has been on several occasions-"

"We used to be just like that, Curran would run around on me any chance he got," Instantly the thirtiesh businesswoman wondered if that was something she should not have said.

"Well Bowieís so devoted sometimes itís frightening," Lila admitted, she wasnít used to talking to women and she wondered if her boss would think her thoughts strange.

"Donít misunderstand, Curranís just like Bowie now, I mean one minute I was telling him we were through and the next thing I know heís proposing, weíve been fine ever since. Itís pure luck that saying yes didnít turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life."

Episode 103: Who I Am

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