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Episode 1018: Chances Are

Phillip warily took a seat, joining his granddaughter at the restaurant where she’d asked him to meet with her. He didn’t like the formality of the situation. Their outings were usually spontaneous, requiring cajoling on his part. She didn’t usually make an appointment with his assistant. When weeks had passed since she’d taken issue with his business practices, he’d thought that they were at least clear on that score, that she wouldn’t be quitting, that he needn’t be concerned about that in addition to his concerns for her personally.

But then, this morning, his assistant told him she’d penciled in this after school meeting with Tansy, on a day she ordinarily didn’t work. It would be nice to think the girl just wanted to spend some time with her grandfather, but if that were the case she would have just dropped by the office to see Walter, too.

This was something else. Her formal resignation most likely.

“I’d prefer you’d just rip off the bandage and not drag it out over cups of tea,” he said. “If you’re quitting just tell me upfront.” Then he would add winning her back as an employee to the even more daunting task on his plate. Getting her to come back to work for him might actually seem like a snap in comparison.

“I’m not quitting, Grandpa. I didn’t like your business deal but if I walk away there wouldn’t be anyone telling you to do better, maybe you’ll never listen but since there’s a chance you will, I’m staying.”

“What is this meeting about then?” Phillip’s mood perked up considerably. He liked having her around at work and was glad she had no intention of putting an end to it yet. And while he still had no idea what to say to her regarding other matters, it pleased him to think that she may have invited him to this restaurant to confide in him about it. “Is there something you wanted to tell me?”

Episode 1019: Mess With My Head

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