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Episode 1019: Mess With My Head

Justine double-checked that she had added all the necessary mock-ups and everything else for the presentation before slinging the bag over her shoulder and stepping out of her office.

“Say hi to your sister for me,” Michael said passing by on the way to her own office. She briefly squeezed Justine’s forearm. “She’s going to be as excited by your ideas as I am. Nothing but good vibes today.”

Michael wasn’t just the boss of the publicity and marketing firm, she was like a life coach and head cheerleader for her employees, a great source of encouragement. It couldn’t have been more different from the way her father had taught her to conduct business, pitting employees against one another, creating rivalries and competition within the company, constantly being told that good wasn’t good enough.

Now that Justine had worked with Michael for years, Justine understood just how ulcer-inducing and unnecessary her father’s way of doing things had been.

Making her way down in the elevator promised she’d make a point of yet again checking in wit Tansy about how things were going working for her grandfather.

Both Justine and Quentin frequently asked their daughter questions, did their best to make sure she was the same kid who’d always stood her ground, who had morals and wouldn’t shift them around even if her grandfather said so.

So far, seemingly so good.

Better still would be if they could convince Tansy to stay away from her grandfather altogether, but that wasn’t happening so the next best thing was to keep close tabs on the situation. She sent Tansy a text knowing she’d read it after school, suggesting she pick out something for them to watch together later.

Justine smiled, tucking her phone into her purse a she stepped off the elevator, watching a sitcom or movie would make for a good casual setting to connect with her daughter. And her boss was right, she had some strong ideas to publicize Adria’s theater. Justine felt nothing but good vibes about the rest of the day ahead, right up until she walked out of the building and nearly collided with her father.

Episode 1020: Drag Me Down

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