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Episode 1017: A Thousand Miles

Katherine looked around the elegant restaurant. Sure, there were some patrons preoccupied with their phones, there always were these days, but for the most part, the other tables were full of laughter, conversation, and in some cases, touching hands and gazing at each other.

Katherine’s expectations hadn’t been sky high, after all when you don’t make room for Valentine’s plans on actual Valentine’s day, obviously these things weren’t a priority for either member of the couple. Still. Everyone craved a little romance, didn’t they? Or not even that, just, connection.

Admittedly, Katherine oftentimes wasn’t any easier to connect with than her husband, she frequently had her mind on her practice at the expense of everything and everyone else. She was a fairly unreliable romantic and emotional partner, and on top of that, she’d had an affair. She felt a bit sheepish, a bit like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black for being upset with him over behavior that really wasn’t any different than her own.

“I really wanted your company tonight,” she said as they both picked at the desserts Phillip had special ordered way back when he’d made the reservation.

“That’s nice,” he replied, stirring melted chocolate on his plate.

“It might be nice if you were actually right here instead of a thousand miles away. I know I’m being hypocritical. I’ve been as guilty on this as you are, but it really doesn’t feel great to take a backseat to your thoughts on a night that’s supposed to be about us.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right,” Phillip said. “Knowing how preoccupied I am I should have postponed tonight, it wasn’t fair to you. I’ll schedule another dinner once I have all this… sorted and I promise on that night you’ll have my complete focus.”

“So there’s light at the end of your tunnel vision? That’s good to know. The way you’ve been stewing it seemed like it must be serious. What’s going on? Business may not be my specialty but if you’d like to talk it through for solutions, I’m more than a pretty face.”

“You are indeed.” Phillip clasped her hand. “And I do intend to fill you in on everything before I make a move. I feel like I need to sit with this for awhile first.”

Episode 1018: Chances Are

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