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Episode 1016: Found Out About You

Phillip took a sip of hot milk as he advanced the video yet again past one of the girls reading a children’s Christmas tale to the dog. He’d gone through more than an hour and a half of video footage already and Tansy and Enid had said barely more than a few words to one another.

He frowned. When he’d concocted the plan to get the two girls in a room together during the holiday party, it had seemed like a stroke of genius, just set up a camera and he’d finally overhear exactly what was going on with Tansy and be able to fix it.

Now, since Tansy had been so appalled by his business dealings, more than ever Phillip wanted to repair whatever pained his granddaughter, be her hero.

It seemed like he’d been on the wrong track after all though. Sure both girls focused on reading to a dog seemed a bit unusual for teenagers, but the pair did adore Walter and treat him like a toddler more often than not.

And he knew Tansy to be comfortable with silences so the lack of chatter between them didn’t necessarily signal any strife. Tansy also wasn’t one for holding her tongue when she disagreed with someone, at least she wasn’t that way with her grandfather so surely if some sort of argument with this Enid girl lay at the heart of whatever continued to gnaw at Tansy, she couldn’t stay silent for long.

“Clearly Enid is apart of whatever Tansy’s problem is or they would have said something by now. I guess I should maybe try to get some sleep,” Phillip said with a sigh. He scrubbed the top of Walter’s head. “It seems I may never know what my granddaughter is struggling with, and if I can’t offer her a solution for that, what can I offer her that would stop her from considering me a villain?”

Phillip had his finger poised on the delete button of the video footage when onscreen, Enid put down the book in her hands and sat cross-legged on the floor opposite Tansy. “I don’t want to mess this up, you finally tolerating breathing the same air as me, I’ve missed that, but could we talk a little? Like really talk? It’s been a long time since I kissed you and I know now that was a mistake so could we maybe try to move past it and be friends again?”

Episode 1017: A Thousand Miles

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