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Episode 1015: Bad Guy

Unable to sleep, Phillip climbed out of bed and slipped on his robe, tying it around the waist. He quietly made his way out into the hall careful not to wake his sleeping wife who had already expressed her dismay more than once that evening over his restlessness.

He met up with the dog, Walter, who had a habit of roaming the house at intervals through the night as if he were a security guard on patrol. Phillip chuckled thinking the dog was far more likely to cuddle someone to death than do anything actually vicious.

It felt nice to laugh a little after how sour and tense he’d been most of the night. Phillip supposed acquiring a dog had turned out for the best. Walter made for an entertaining companion and, at this rate, he was possibly the only thing keeping his granddaughter in his life, and even that might dissipate, perhaps Tansy would formalize that situation, treat it like she was nothing more than a dog walker, an employee.

Phillip sighed. Walter nuzzled against his leg. Phillip patted the dog’s head. “Come. Let’s go commiserate over a late night snack shall we?”

Phillip led the way to the kitchen with Walter padding enthusiastically behind him, repeatedly nudging the back of Phillip’s legs with his wet nose.

A problem with relying on a household staff was that when left to your own devices it could be somewhat problematic when it came to finding his way around the kitchen. Much to Walter’s dismay, there was a great deal of standing before the open refrigerator and searching shelves and cupboards for something that appealed.

Phillip at last settled on preparing a sandwich overloaded with fixings and he set aside a small dish of ham on the floor for Walter who polished it off in no time.

Walter sat obediently at Phillip’s side, his big brown eyes trained on Phillip’s sandwich as Phillip bit into it and determined the sandwich wasn’t half bad.

“I’m not half bad either,” Phillip said. “Tansy simply doesn’t understand how business works. I merely took the company off that family’s hands when they couldn’t handle it anymore, I basically did them a favor and she thinks I’m tyrannical for it.”

He smoothed his hand over Walter’s head. “I’ve made great strides in my relationship with my granddaughter, but I fear that will be pushed to the wayside.” Unless I find some other way to bond outside of business. It was then that Phillip remembered something else had fallen to the back-burner during his business dealings over the holidays. He opened up his laptop and called up the camera footage he’d yet to go through. There just may be something in there that would keep his granddaughter in his life.

Episode 1016: Found Out About You

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