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Episode 1014: Rollercoaster Phillip put the phone down and released a satisfied sigh. The last month had been a busy and exhausting time, but finally, the deal was done. Few things felt quite as good as victory after a hard fought battle. He’d spent years attempting to acquire this company for his portfolio and things had intensified over the last several weeks forcing him to put everything else on the back burner.

His wife had not been pleased with him for mostly skipping the holiday season though as he’d pointed out, Katherine had been absent on many occasions, too.

He’d make it up to Katherine, plan something for Valentine’s Day, something they could easily shift to another day should either have a conflict with work.

About to settle in for some research for a date night, his assistant alerted him that his granddaughter had returned from taking Walter for a walk. “Send them in, I just sealed the deal so they’re not disrupting anything.”

“They’ll be right in, and congratulations, sir.”

A moment later Tansy strolled in with Walter, closing the door behind her. The instant Walter was released from his leash, he barreled over to greet Phillip. Phillip made an extra fuss over Walter, realizing the dog was another neglected area of his life.

“What was the congratulations for?” Tansy asked. “You look happy. It’s too bad we’re not out in public right now, somebody might think I have a friendly grandpa.”

Phillip smirked at her comment. “It’s best that I remain an ominous presence, it gets the job done. Speaking of which, let me walk you through the deal that has me so happy, it’s a great learning experience for your future.”

However, afterwards, Tansy appeared the opposite of impressed. “You took away their family business and you feel good about that. Maybe I shouldn’t be working here.”

Episode 1015: Bad Guy

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