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Episode 101: Me And My Shadow

"Would you mind not smiling while Iím trying to decide whether to sign my life away," Bowie said glumly tossing a pretzel into the garbage can, he was one for twenty-five.

Ava sat across from him in his little windowless office at the back of the market, she unsuccessfully tried to tighten her upper lip. "Iím sorry, I canít help it."

Bowie felt his vision blurring at the sight of each six-syllable word. "Is there an Irish mafia? Do you know? I mean am I going to find a horseís head at the end of my bed or- will you quit with the smiling. You are not a smiley person; itís annoying."

Avaís face quickly became a shade equivalent to a Victorian valentine as she tried to explain the reason for her out of character giddiness. "Last night Sebastian and I, we-"

Bowie stood up so fast that his chair fell to the floor. He put his hands to his head as though electrodes were shocking him. "Stop! One more word and I canít be your friend anymore. I donít want to hear this okay," and then he grumbled under his breath. "I guess my mother is next on his to do list."

"Oh Bowie, I knew this would make you- uncomfortable," Ava said apologetically, and she came over to him grabbed each of his hands with hers. "But, I really need to talk to someone about this, itís big you know, I need a friend."

"I know," he said shaking his head, pulling her in for a hug. "Iím every girlís best friend. Just donít give me details at all and could we call him, I donít know, Bob or something."

Episode 102: Foolish Games

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