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Episode 1007: My Favorite Things

By the time Adria had Miranda outfitted in her little red coat and matching winter boots, her daughter had fallen asleep on the small sofa in Adria’s office.

“I’m so sorry it’s past your bedtime and you’re still not in your bed, but dad and I both had to work late tonight.” She pressed a kiss to Miranda’s cheek. The little girl didn’t stir, tuckered out from all the coloring, building blocks and other learning and play she’d done throughout the day and night, first with her dad and then in the afternoon and evening with Adria.

Adria pulled a little pom-pom topped knit hat over Miranda’s head to further guard against the cold air outside.

Having Randi underfoot didn’t always make for the easiest working conditions but it did add more laughs and smiles and required patience which was a good quality to hone.

Did she wish her daughter had a more clockwork schedule, that she was tucked in her bed right now as opposed to not even having her in the car yet. But when Adria weighed it in her mind and heart, this worked out best for them. They were lucky they could bring their child to work, it was a luxury most didn’t have. They were lucky they got to have that kind of time with their girl while also pursuing their careers, and as an added bonus their daughter seemed mostly happy with the arrangement.

Adria lifted Miranda up in her arms, her girl only waking long enough to loop her arms around around her mom’s neck and snuggle in more comfortably. Her daughter was getting bigger everyday, though fortunately the little girl was still light weight enough that the short walk from her office through the theater lobby and out to the parking lot wouldn’t destroy Adria’s arms. At least not unless they were waylaid overly long.

Only a few step out of her office and her theater’s chief financial officer walked into their path. Over their months working together at her husband’s recommendation, Adria had come to think of her conversations with Javier as a visit to the department of motor vehicles combined with the dentist. It was Javi’s job of course to rain on Adria’s parade, she knew that, but knowing he was a necessary evil to keep the theater on track didn’t make it any easier to deal when he put the kibosh on her plans with his budgets.

“Do you have a few minutes?” Javier asked.

“Not really. I need to get this one home, and me, too,” Adria replied. “I want some rest before A Christmas Carol opens in two days. It’s been a stressful lead up. You could probably use some rest, too.” They’d gone a million rounds over the Christmas Carol budget, she was too tired right now to go another ten rounds.

“It’s about the budget for next season,” Javier said.

“I submitted that too you fifteen minutes ago.” She glared at him. “You can’t have found a problem with it already.”

“I can and I did, we need to go over this, there are plenty of places to cut costs-”

“You mean like by firing my C.F.O.?”

Episode 1008: December

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