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Episode 1008: December

“Grandpa, I, oh, hi,” Tansy said putting her arm into the book she held to hold her place. “Again,” she muttered.

“Oh, hey,” Enid tentatively replied, reserving a much more enthusiastic greeting for Walter who barreled into her legs and wiggled with excitement.

Sensing a possible disaster in the making, Tansy hurried over and shut the door of the upstairs den. “Just in case Walter gets a whiff of any of the food trays passed around at the party. I don’t want him squeezing out the door and spilling red wine on rich people.”

“My parents would think it was hilarious to see Walter racing through the party,” Tansy said. “They share a sense of humor. My grandparents, not so much, at least not at one of their fancy events. I think they love Walter too much now to send him away for any mistakes, but I mean, you’d think they would have loved my mom enough...”

“They still haven’t made up? I hoped you working for your grandpa meant that stuff had changed. I’m sorry it hasn’t,” Enid said. “So why are you working with him then?”

When Tansy hesitated to answer, Enid said, “I shouldn’t have asked, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t even be up here, I’m sorry. I guess there was some mix-up again. Your grandpa asked my parents if I would come over tonight and look after Walter during the party. They must have forgotten to tell him that I said okay and so he asked you instead. It’s okay. I’ll go downstairs and wait for my parents until the end of the party, it’s too cold to walk all that way home. I twas nice to see you tonight. Walter, Merry Christmas.” Enid hugged him. “Merry Christmas, Tans.”

“Wait, you could stay up here if you want.” It just blurted out, Tansy hadn’t mean to but once she said it, it felt like the right thing. “I thought since Walter was excluded from the party I’d read to him from these Christmas books I borrowed from my little brother, you could stay and listen to the stories, too, if you want.” Tansy screwed up her face, wishing she hadn’t blurted out that bit, too. “That’s so lame.”

“It’s cute, I mean reading to Walter is cute. I wasn’t saying that you’re cute. Don’t feel uncomfortable, okay?”

Episode 1009: Hey Santa

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