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Episode 1004: I Need To Know

“You’re sure I can’t get you a hot chocolate or tea or something before you leave?” Phillip asked.
  • “No, sir, thank you, but I really do need to get home, I have school in the morning.”
  • Phillip nodded. “Well, thank you very much for your help, I know that can’t be in your job description as volunteer. I can hear Walter snoring all the way down here so I take it his mind is truly at ease now.”
  • “Yes, sir, he’s over the firecracker scare.”

    “I hope tonight wasn’t too much trouble for you. You and Tansy worked together well?”

    “Yeah, fine. I really have to go, see you, Mr. Marques.”

    With that, the girl stepped outside and shut the door in his face, much as Tansy had done not more than ten minutes earlier, leaving Phillip with almost zero insight into what had occurred between the pair. All he’d gleaned from their departures was a definite tension in the air.

    He shook his head. At least Tansy hadn’t left with a frightened look on her face, so perhaps it wasn’t a matter of bullying? So what was the deal between those two? A hierarchy issue when they’d both volunteered at the animal shelter? Had one undermined the other in a power move? Or perhaps it was a boy? Did they both like the same one?

    “Phillip! Why are you on your feet again?” His wife demanded as she stormed down the stairs.

    “I was being polite, seeing our guests out,” Phillip said, dutifully limping his way back to the sofa. “How was it up there? Did the girls have a nice catch up? Reminisce about their old days volunteering together?”

    “It was hardly the time, Phillip. There was very little chatter other than soothing Walter, they were focused on healing the savage beast, so to speak.”

    Phillip frowned, there went his hope for any information from his wife.

    “You need to focus on your own healing Phillip. There are only so many times I’m willing to walk him all on my own at night. There are limits. You are the one who decided to bring him into our home. I can’t handle him by myself, it’s too much for one person, especially one person who didn’t choose to have a dog. So you had better become more mindful about how to achieve a speedy recovery from this ankle injury, either that or enlist more help from those girls.”

    Episode 1005: Holiday

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