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Episode 1005: Holiday

“Good to see your ex almost husband isn’t joining us for the holiday,” Cal said to his daughter as he stole one of the carrots she’d set out on the counter for the salad. Watching her cook had made him hungry.

“He and his friend Lucy are headed over to Sebastian’s sister’s house,” Ava said. “I’m glad he had somewhere to be today. If he hadn’t I would have invited him over here.”

Cal shook his head. “I understand that your idiot husband is trying to prove something to you by befriending this guy, but what exactly are you thinking?” He didn’t want to overstep with his daughter but he didn’t want to understep with her either. He hadn’t been given the opportunity to parent her when she was a child, he could parent her now though, if she let him.

“Honey,” Cal said. “You have a good heart, I understand you feel for this guy, you wouldn’t want someone to feel alone in the world. But you’ve said yourself he had a solid group of people in his life. And I’m certain there are other ways for Sebastian to prove he’s a mature grown up rather than subject himself to being around the man you nearly married. That won’t lead to anything good Ava. But what’s worse to me is that you’re subjecting yourself to being around the man you nearly married. You don’t owe him that. He broke your heart, Ava, in the worst way. He doesn’t deserve your friendship or your concern. Why are you spending time with someone who hurt you so badly? Is there more to this than thinking everyone should have friends? Promise me you don’t still have feelings for him.”

“Of course she doesn’t,” Sebastian stated, just that moment returning from setting up the book store for Black Friday. “Why would you ask a thing like that?”

“This is a weird Thanksgiving,” Lila said taking a bite of pepperoni pizza.

“Well, you could have cooked,” Bowie said.

“You could have cooked,” Lila sailed right back at him.

“Our oldest is spending the day with someone else’s girlfriend, so that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Our youngest is away at a math competition which should be fun for him only he’s so determined to ace it that we just might get a call saying he passed out from stress. Meantime, I have spent the last week putting up so many outdoor decorations that my back and shoulders are killing me. So pizza sounds just about right to me.”

“I guess so. I am pretty exhausted, too.” Lila sighed. “It’s just that pizza and no kids sure doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.”

“Maybe instead of dwelling on how much we miss the kids and the turkey, we should focus on the point of the holiday, being thankful. Look at how well we’re both doing career-wise. You’ve actually had to turn down some bookings and your idea to add holiday décor to my yard work turned out to be pretty genius.”

“I am outstanding.” Lila grinned cheekily. “You’re lucky to have me.”

“Thankful to have you.” He leaned in to kiss her.

“We do have things to be thankful for,” Lila agreed. “Work really has been great for both of us and there is the fact that Sebastian’s fake olive branch to he who shall not be named hasn’t blown up on us. At least no yet.”

Episode 1006: Beam Me Up

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