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Episode 1003: Total Eclipse Of The Heart

“He’s right in here,” Mrs. Marques said, opening the door near the end of the hallway. “Tansy, good news, we have reinforcements.”

Tansy? Enid’s heart slid into her throat. No one had said anything about Tansy. Had anyone told Tansy that Enid would be there?

Enid took tentative steps around the corner and into the room. Nope. Tansy hadn’t a clue Enid would be there. The expression on her face was… not good. Tansy’s skin flushed as red as Enid’s felt. But at least Walter was happy to see her. He didn’t charge over to enthusiastically greet her the way he ordinarily would have, still, apparently reeling from the firecrackers, he stayed put in the closet, however, his tail thumped the floor.

Knowing Walter generally craved hugs and pats, especially so in the state of a crisis, Enid took a galvanizing breath and strode over to the dog, taking a seat on the floor and cuddling the dog even though it meant she was seated right next to Tansy, right where Tansy wouldn’t want her.

Well, Tansy would just have to live with it, Enid wasn’t going to walk away from Walter in his time of need even if it did mean some awkwardness with her crush.

“I’m right in saying you two know each other? From your time volunteering at the animal shelter?” Tansy’s grandma asked.

“Yeah,” Tansy answered. “But she doesn’t need to be here. I’ve got this.”

“He’s still in my closet,” Mrs. Marques pointed out. Two heads tend to be better than one. I’m sure you girls can work together for Walter’s sake. Goodness knows nothing I’ve tried on my own has calmed him.”

“This really doesn’t require two people,” Tansy insisted then finally addressed Enid directly. “I don’t even understand why you’re here. At my grandparents house.”

“We didn’t want to disturb you on a school night, Tansy,” Mrs. Marques explained. “Your grandfather contacted the shelter and Enid first. When it looked like they everyone else was busy-”

“”If you’re busy you should go do what you need to do Enid,” Tansy said. “I’ve got this.”

“I just had to finish up with my tutor which I did then my mom and dad were cool with me coming here for Walter, and well, they do work for Mr. Marques.”

Tansy pursed her lips. She reached into the closet and patted Walter’s head. “Is it still chemistry you’re being tutored for? It hasn’t stopped being a struggle?”

Enid nodded until she realized Tansy wasn’t looking at her, she probably wasn’t even interested in talking to her, she was just trying to be polite in front of her grandma.

“I don’t seem to have a good handle on chemistry. I guess I just can’t make sense of any definition of the word,” Eden said with a sigh. Like she didn’t understand why she still felt chemistry when Tansy clearly didn’t, why she still liked someone so much, felt a buzz around her, when Tansy wanted nothing to do with her.

Episode 1004: I Need To Know

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